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Profaqs Enterprises was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2005 and has since been under the able leadership of Mr. Mahir Elhaj, an IT project manager. Through the years, Profaqs Enterprises has risen to great heights where it has extended its ICT business territory to Nyali, Mombasa County in Kenya, where it is headquartered. One of the core reasons for establishing the enterprises was to give our clients quality services when it comes to sound systems and public address with the assistance of our qualified employees.

Some of the services offered include Annual service agreement, IT consultancy, Networking, CCTV Security and Surveillance system, Sound Systems and Public address, and Electrical works.

Our Services


 Initializing companies

Profaqs Enterprises specializes in transforming empty spaces into fully-functional, technologically-advanced work environments. From the ground up, we design and implement comprehensive IT infrastructures for new offices and expansions. Our expertise lies in meticulously assessing your space to propose optimized layouts for electrical and network points, strategically placing WiFi access points, and configuring server rooms complete with servers, PBXs, NVRs, UPS systems, switches, routers, and firewalls. Our end-to-end solutions extend to securing your premises with top-of-the-line CCTV coverage, setting up sophisticated IP telephony in each office, and ensuring secure access through biometric attendance and magnetic door systems. We don’t just set up your IT — we tailor an ecosystem where security meets performance, ensuring your business is operational and secure from day one.

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Our company does have expertise when it comes to electrical works too. The electrical experts deal with electrical troubleshooting, extending electricity, designing from scratch, and installing distribution boxes. For safety purposes, having Profaqs Enterprises as your ideal electrical works expert could save you a great deal of time and load. 

1. Electrical Solutions

Solar systems

Electrical Work

Backup Systems

2. Networking

Wired Networking

Wireless Networking

Fiber Optics


Firewalls system

IP Phones

At Profaqs Enterprises, we do offer networking services that involve the processes of building, using, and maintaining computer networks – including hardware, software, and protocols – so that multiple computing devices can share data. Our services are at an affordable price, and we have invested in wired and wireless networking. Additionally, we connect branches of the same enterprises, hence making it easy for companies and organizations to operate without delays and failure. We have also invested in quality copper and fibre optics, antennas, access points, routers, firewalls, IP phones, PBAX, and wireless extenders.

3. CCTV Securities 

and Alarm Systems

In our company, security remains to be key as we have the best expertise in CCTV security, installation, and configuration of surveillance security systems. We do the site visit, study the site plan and design the layout according to the clients’ needs. We can further connect these systems with your mobile phone and attach them to an alarm system that notifies the owners and security personnel to handle any incidents. We deal with either fixed lenses, varifocal, PTZ, fisheye, or boxed cams.

Profaqs Enterprises has also ventured into the sound world where we do offer quality sound systems and public address, which are installed in public areas, shopping malls, medical centers, and masjids. At Profaqs, we design, supply, and install these systems which include amplifiers, mixers, cabinet speakers, ceiling speakers, and volume controllers. We also provide quality solutions for multiple zones.

4. Sound Systems & Public Address

5. Annual Service Agreement

Our Annual Service Agreement provides IT solutions at an affordable fee. The services include system troubleshooting, monitoring, and replacing damaged units when necessary. Our IT consultants venture into giving ideas, analyzing diagnosing a company’s IT infrastructure, and understanding a client’s business needs to come up with efficient technology solutions for them. This is meant to save our clients additional costs of recruiting IT professionals, boost value and productivity, and mitigate the damage that may happen by not having one. Our extensive IT knowledge of over 16 years of experience provides you with the benefits of a senior executive, without the cost of a full-time CIO. Our IT consultants will keep your IT processes effective, up-to-date, and well equipped to keep abreast of the latest innovations. We also ensure that your data privacy policies and information are secured and that you have business continuity strategies in place.

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