Core Services

IT Services

Tailored tech solutions to streamline operations, boost productivity, and ensure seamless digital experiences.

Electrical Work

Expert electrical solutions spanning residential, industrial, solar, backup systems, and submersible pumps, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability.

WEB Development

Crafting dynamic online platforms with stunning designs, robust functionality, and user-centric experiences.

IT Services

Desktop & laptops

Selling desktops and laptops with matching specifications for your computing needs

Servers & Workstation

Selecting the right refurbished Workstation or Server for your business at an affordable price


Designing Wired or Wireless network for your home, establishment or company.

IT Consultancy

Give you an honest advise for your business in the IT field within our expertise.

Troubleshooting & Remote Support

Assess, diagnose and solve your software or hardware problems.

Annual Service Agreement

Annual service agreement to monitor and keep your infrastructure work fine.

WEB Development


Crafted interfaces that captivate users with seamless navigation and stunning visuals.


Powering your website with robust functionality and efficient data management behind the scenes.

E Commerce

Building dynamic online stores that drive sales, sky rocket revenues and engage customers effectively.

Web Designing

Transforming ideas into visually striking digital experiences tailored to your brand.

Electrical Services
Our concern is your safety, let us work together.

Our company does have expertise when it comes to electrical works too. The electrical experts deal with electrical troubleshooting, extending electricity, designing from scratch, and installing distribution boxes. For safety purposes, having Profaqs Enterprises as your ideal electrical works expert could save you a great deal of time and load. 

Expert electrical solutions tailored to homes, ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Reliable electrical services designed to meet the demands of industrial operations, optimizing productivity and safety.

Harnessing sustainable energy with solar solutions and providing backup systems for uninterrupted power supply.

Installation and maintenance of efficient submersible pumps for various applications, ensuring reliable water supply solutions.

Other Services

In our company, security remains to be key as we have the best expertise in CCTV security, installation, and configuration of surveillance security systems. We do the site visit, study the site plan and design the layout according to the clients’ needs. We can further connect these systems with your mobile phone and attach them to an alarm system that notifies the owners and security personnel to handle any incidents. We deal with either fixed lensesvarifocalPTZfisheye, or boxed cams.

DVR / NVR & Storage

Implementation of advanced recording systems to securely store and manage footage for future reference.

Camera Installation

Professional setup of CCTV cameras to enhance security and surveillance capabilities.

Alarm Systems

Integration of alarm systems for real-time monitoring and proactive security measures, ensuring comprehensive protection.